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Dr X, a Specialist staff grade in Obstetrics and Gynecology, approached MDS seeking guidance on how to provide teleconsultation services overseas. It was their intention to carry out this work in addition to their regular NHS duties and they were interested in learning about the legal requirements they would need to meet to begin this work.


Following a thorough review of the matter, MDS provided the following advice:

  • Since Dr X was employed in the UK and their primary job was based there, it was recommended to Dr X to notify the General Medical Council (GMC) about their plan to provide teleconsultation services abroad.and to follow GMC’s guidance.
  • Dr X was also informed about the necessity to meet the regulatory requirements of the country where they intend to offer teleconsultation services. Additionally, Dr. X was advised to thoroughly review the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements pertaining to teleconsultations.

The advice provided by MDS was fully embraced by Dr X, and he was very satisfied with the support and guidance provided by MDS.


  • It is imperative to inform the GMC and follow their guidance when providing services abroad while primarily employed in the United Kingdom
  • Ensuring Compliance with Foreign Regulatory Requirements is Crucial.