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Trust Policies and Procedures


Dr X was a Specialty Trainee Registrar. The Trust raised concerns regarding Dr X’s performance and conduct with the GMC. It was alleged that Dr X did not signpost an unwell patient with cardiac symptoms correctly and restricted their practice. However, despite the Trust’s instructions to Dr X to refrain from contacting patients or attending its premises while they investigated the matter, Dr X still attended the Trust’s premises and attempted to engage with patients. Moreover, when the Trust asked Dr X to leave, Dr X refused, resulting in the Trust calling the police. After Dr X also failed to comply with the Police request to leave the premises, the Police removed Dr X forcefully.


Dr X approached MDS for advice and assistance with  the GMC matter. After MDS reviewed the matter, they supported and assisted Dr X with the GMC investigation. This included preparing the Rule 7 response, as well as gathering all the necessary documents to support the Rule 7 response. As part of MDS’ assistance, Dr X also received support with the IOT review hearings.

The legal team at MDS also provided Dr X with advice and guidance regarding the GMC performance assessment. In addition, a MDS advisor attended the performance assessment along with Dr X to provide support to Dr X.

After reviewing Dr X’s Rule 7 response the GMC decided to offer Dr X undertakings. Dr X accepted the undertaking and had returned to work.


  • Before taking any action, seek legal advice immediately
  • Ensure policies and procedures are followed at all times
  • Follow the instructions of the Police at all times
  • Taking things into your own hands can have adverse effects
  • Threatening and aggressive behaviour will never solve the problem, but make it worse